Makers of Seasonal Sweetness

We cre­ate sea­son­al and every­day sweets, snacks, and food gifts for retail part­ners and spe­cial­ty stores nation­wide. And, because inno­va­tion and sus­tain­abil­i­ty are as fun­da­men­tal as qual­i­ty and taste, most of our day-to-day oper­a­tions cul­mi­nate in a zero land­fill waste facility.

Sweets, Snacks & Food Gifts

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Everyday Snacks & Sweets

We spe­cial­ize in brand­ed, pri­vate label, and licensed assort­ments such as savory sauces, drink mix­es, and bak­ing kits. The kind of treats that take the every­day to the next level.

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Valentine’s Day

Time to Swoon over large gum­mies, cot­ton can­dy, mold­ed choco­lates, and more. With so much to love, every­one will find their per­fect match.

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Hop on the Yum Train for choco­lates, gum­mies, and mini can­dies. With all these fresh col­ors and shapes, there’s some­thing for every bunny.

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There should be more Mmm­mms in Sum­m­m­m­mer, don’t you think? We’re always cre­at­ing some­thing new to mmm­m­make sure of it. 

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With pret­zel rods, spooky eye­ball gum­balls, bub­bling bev­er­age mix­es and more, we’ve got treats for every trickster.

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Our elves are busy work­ing over­time to ensure there will be enough treats like hot cocoa bombs™, dip mix­es, pop­corns, and hot sauce sets for every stocking. 

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Work with Us

We work with retail­ers and spe­cial­ty shops to cre­ate unique fla­vor pro­files and spe­cial­ized pack­ag­ing for every sea­son. Reach out! Let’s cre­ate a match made in taste bud heaven. 

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